If someone asks you if you gamble on football games, and then proceeds to ask if you also use a jadwal bola when you do so, you may not know what they are asking. Especially if you do not speak Indonesian.

If you use any of the Indonesian sports betting sites, however, you should look for the jadwal bola most sites have, as they can be very useful.

What is a jadwal bola? -- A jadwal bola is what Indonesians call a football schedule.

It is the schedule that gives you all the information you need about upcoming football games, as well as extra information that can be helpful to you when you are gambling on sports on the Internet.

What information does a typical jadwal bola include? -- Most of the Indonesian sites that have one of these schedules updates it every few minutes.

The information that is on the schedule includes the times of upcoming football games, the league each team belongs to, the TV channel you can find it on if you want to watch and, of course, the live scores as they happen.

Why is a jadwal bola useful? -- These schedules are useful for any serious gambler as they allow you to keep organized with your games.

First, you can find out when a game is taking place so that you know when to check on the final score to see if you won.

Next, you can use a jadwal bola to watch the scores of games as they are happening, so you do not feel as though you are left in the dark until the final score is announced.

You can also use a typical jadwal bola hari ini to plan ahead up to weeks at a time. That way if the money you have to bet on games is finite, you will not spend too much and then realize you cannot gamble on the game you wanted to bet on.